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Plone Carousel

Plone Carousel allows you to add user-configurable rotating banners to any section of a Plone site.

Products.Carousel tool allows to add a rotating set of banner images in any section of Plone site. Different sets of banners can be used in different sections of the site. Banners can link to another page in the site, or an external URL. Plone Carousel provides options to customize the appearance of the banner as well as the length and type of transition. 

How to add carousel

To add carousel to certain site section:

  • Go to Carousel item on a task bar
  • Provide main information about your carousel behaviour, like banner elements, size, page type, type of transition, etc.
  • Select Carousel Banner from Add new... drop-down menu
  • Provide banner title, link, upload banner image and add some descriptive text depending on what you specified to be displayed in a carousel (Title/Text/Image).
  • Save the carousel banner
  • Publish newly-created carousel banner together with the Carousel Banners container.
  • Carousel should now appear above content, as it is on this page.

Demo Carousels

We prepared several demo subfolders with different carousels added inside:

  • Demo Carousel 1: image carousel with images sliding every 2 seconds above the main text area.
  • Demo Carousel 2: carousel with images + text rotating every 4 seconds above the main text area.
  • Demo Carousel 3: carousel with banner title + text rotating every 6 seconds above the main text area.