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A through-the-web form generator for Plone.

Products.PloneFormGen allows creating on-line forms on Plone websites. First, Form Folder should be created and Fields should then be added as its contained content objects.

How to create a form

To build a new web form:

  • Select Form Folder form the above Add New... pull-down menu.
  • Provide form Title, Description, labels for Submit and Reset buttons, fill in form prologue and epilogue text.
  • You will get a form with standard Your E-Mail Address, Subject, and Comments fields.
  • To add new fields to the form - select the necessary field type form Add New... pull-down menu (there are more than 20 field types).
  • You can edit/delete/change order of form field via Maintenance form configuration window or via folder_contents view.

Demo Forms

Here are two demo on-line forms, created with help of PloneFormGen product:


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