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This subsite features Domino Plone theme. Use a drop down at the top of the page to select the demo parent site or any site with other theme.

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Theming settings for Domino can be changed separately for this child site and will not influence demo website in general.


Consulting, programming and support services for organizations interested in deploying web solutions with Plone CMS.

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Welcome to Plone 4 Demo Site

This Plone 4 demo site allows you to experience the overall look and feel of Plone Content Management System and its rich features.

Demo Login Account

There is a demo account set up for you to browse this site as administrator. This demo account allows you to experience Plone in the role of not a simple user, but site administrator, who has all the power a user can have in Plone. All features are available for this user such as adding content, publishing content, managing site users and groups, configuring site settings, etc.

Please use the following username and password to log in and get the experience of true Plone user:

Username: ploneadmin

Note: The data in this site is wiped out every 4 hours - at 3:00 AM, 7:00 AM, ...11:00 PM (UTC+02:00).

Quick Start Tutorial

After you logged in - you can do anything you want with site content and its settings. For those who have never used Plone before, or wish to learn more about its features, we have prepared a series of articles in our Quick Start Tutorial.

Plone add-ons Demo

See illustrative presentation of popular Plone packages in Plone add-ons demo section:

  • Plone Themes - demonstration of Plone Themes that can be activated on this website.
  • PloneFormGen - demonstration of Products.PloneFormGen in use on Plone 4 website. Creation of on-line forms in Plone. Examples of different Plone forms.
  • Plone Carousel - demonstration of Products.Carousel in use on Plone 4 website. Examples of different carousels on Plone sites.
  • Plone embedly - demonstration of collective.embedly package that allows to embed video, images and other rich media files to Plone simply by providing their URL.
  • Custom sliders - demonstration of quintagroup.slidertemplates product that provides several responsive views that can customize NG collection portlet display.
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Domino Plone Theme

Looking for the sophisticated and lightweight Plone themes? You’re in the right place! Browse and search our many themes and discover the one that is just right for your business.

Domino is an elegant businesslike theme for Plone based websites. It introduces balance between eye-catching and formal. Domino has three color schemes: blue, orange, and grey. Calm, bold, classic - choose the one that complements your business concept.

Domino delivers minimalist, clean, and mobile-friendly design that will promote your web presence. Activate the extensions to add features you need: fancy carousel, drop-down or mega drop-down menu, custom sliders for collection, panels, multilinguality, and more.

This is Domino Theme