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Theme Highlights

Domino is an elegant businesslike theme for Plone based websites. Domino delivers minimalist, clean, and mobile-friendly design that will promote your web presence. Activate the extensions to add features you need: fancy carousel, drop-down or mega drop-down menu, custom sliders for collection, panels, multilinguality, and more.

Responsive Web Design

You are no longer bound by limitations of the browsers, mobile devices or desktops. Domino Plone theme is designed to adjust layout according to the size and type of device it is viewed on. Our theme uses CSS3 media queries to switch between different layout configurations at smaller screen sizes of the mobile devices. This way the design seamlessly reshapes itself without any loading delay. Moreover, sections of content are organized in a mobile-friendly design pattern. With improved navigation and content positioning your users of mobile devices will quickly and easily find your products and services, contact information and much more.

Color schemes

The theme is easy to personalize. You can choose from three color schemes: blue, orange, and grey. The design elements throughout the website (panels, text, headers, links, hovering, buttons) will be changed automatically. You can choose other color scheme at any time, or even create your own.

Customizable panels

Highlight important information using panels. They can be added to four different locations and can contain various content, including static text, portlets with recent news, events, calendar, etc. Panels are seamlessly “integrated” into design and give you space to implement your own ideas.

Drop-down or Mega drop-down menu

Navigation tabs can be extended so that it is easier to find information and navigate your website. The first option is drop-down menu. Each new item will be dynamically added and displayed in the multilevel portal drop-down menu. On the other hand, you can customize your navigation even further. If you want to highlight the most important information or simply draw attention to specific content, add Mega drop-down menu and choose what content you want to show visitors.

Custom slider for collection portlet

Whether it is a collection of news, events, images, offers or products, you can use our neat slider to display them in portlet on any section of your website. Responsive design and diversity of placement make this solution perfect for viewing any sort of information.

Social Media links

We provide a set of custom social media icons that will help your visitors to find you on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linkedin, Reddit, etc. Everything can be customized: buttons placement on the page, name of the portlet, number of buttons for those social media platforms you are present on, and links for specific actions.

Flexible Layout Configuration

You can have your content on the left with a portlet on the right, flip that around, have portlets on both sides or even remove them altogether. You can group portlets into panels and place them in portal top or footer, above or below content.

Customizable logo to brand your business

The top header area is reserved for the owner’s logotype. You can easily upload your own Custom Logo so that it definitely will catch visitor’s attention.

This is Sliced Diazo Plone Theme