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Get to know how to customize theme’s main color, top image, panels, social media buttons, and much more!

A vivid and sophisticated theme that will allow you to present your business in the most appealing way. Sliced Plone theme makes every page vivid and eye-catching. Its modern design will impress visitors and emphasize content you want them to view. Sliced can be adapted to many different ideas and activities as easily as to different screen sizes. Responsive page layout is seamlessly displayed regardless type of browsers, desktops, mobile devices or tablets.

You can change colors of this Plone theme to accommodate your design requirements. Here you can change colors of text and links, add various top images and slogans, customize background colors or images for panels, add beautiful carousel, insert text in two columns, etc. Divide your content into groups by common subject or idea and put them into several panels spanning the full window width to catch viewers attention.

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Sliced tutorials

Detailed customization instructions

Among the most important features integrated into the Sliced theme you can find responsive web design that adjusts according to the size and type of device it is viewed on. It will be displayed beautifully on all modern mobile devices.

Sliced provides top image with logo and slogan, customizable colors of text, beautiful carousel, panels with background colors or images, and two-column text. The theme also comes with replaceable logo and editable footer, either drop down menu or mega drop down menu, and custom slider for collection portlet. Additionally, theme includes a set of custom social media actions that will help visitors to find you on various social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Linkedin.



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